NC Peanut Notes

Apr 21, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-024 Treflan Use in Peanut
Apr 21, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-025 V-C Peanut News Article
Apr 10, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-023 Question About Quick Sol
Apr 09, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-022 CAST Article on Pesticide Use
Apr 09, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-021 February Article Sent to Peanut Grower Magazine
Apr 08, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-020 March Article Sent to Peanut Grower Magazine
Apr 07, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-019 April Article Sent to Peanut Grower Magazine
Apr 06, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-018 Aim and ET APRES
Apr 05, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-017 Pests and Planting Dates APRES
Apr 03, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-016 Top Grower Surveys
Mar 25, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-015 In-furrow Applications
Mar 24, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-014 Nitrogen on Peanuts
Mar 20, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-013 Apogee Summary APRES
Mar 19, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-012 Inoculant and Imidacloprid
Mar 18, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-011 Potash Question
Mar 17, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-010 Generic Prohexadione Calcium Labeled in Peanuts as Kudos
Mar 16, 2015 T. Isleib PNNC-2015-009 Certified Peanut Acreage
Mar 13, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-008 Runners and Virginias for More Peanuts
Mar 06, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-007 Thank You Note from Dewayne
Mar 05, 2015 R. Brandenburg PNNC-2015-006 Information from Dell Cotton About Insecticides
Mar 04, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-005 Brief Comments About Velum Total from Bayer CropScience
Feb 16, 2015 R. Brandenburg PNNC-2015-004 Comments from Rick About Thrips
Feb 12, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-003 Important Note About Luncheon
Feb 09, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-002 5000 Pound Luncheon Reminder
Feb 01, 2015 D. Jordan PNNC-2015-001 5000 Pound Luncheon
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